Holiday Destinations



At the end of your two year membership to Easy Escapes and after enjoying the superb benefits and discounts that we have to offer, we are absolutely certain that you will want to stay on as a member!

At this point you can upgrade your membership to the full ownership, Easy Holidays product. It is simple financial logic that owning and not renting your holiday accommodation is the way to save the most in the long term. When you become an Easy Holidays member, you become part owner of a wide pool of holiday accommodation, and your holidays, for the rest of your life, become all that more affordable!

Here is where the Holiday Savings Plan makes it simpler for you to become a holiday owner. At the end of your two year Easy Escapes membership, we will cover your upfront deposit on the purchase of 40 e’Points.


An additional bonus is that you will pay the same price that e’Points were selling for at the time you joined Easy Escapes. Really..? Yes. Any catches..? No.

The Holiday Savings Plan makes the transition to full holiday ownership with Easy Holidays that much easier, now you really have no reason not to join up!